How to Use gameSense

gS Video-Occlusion Method: Watch pitches that are cut off during ball flight; identify pitch TYPE and BALL/STRIKE. DRILLS Players select a pitcher and choose RHB or LHB view. Each pitcher has multiple Difficulty levels: • Full-Pitch (into catcher’s mitt) • Basic (one-third of ball flight) • Advanced (6-8 feet of ball flight) • Wicked (cut … Read more


Pitch Recognition Hitting Drills 2 Tee Hitting Drill gameSense Hit Station Output gameSense app from computer or iPad/iPhone to a TV or a video projector. Use the same gS pitcher, but choose -Choose HitStation mode on Drill List. -You get 10 pitches, straight through with Occluded pitch followed by Replay. -No computer input. -Choose a … Read more

Starters Sports Training and gameSense Sports Team Up to Help Hitters Read Pitches

Starters Sports Training will team up with gameSense Sports to bring pitch recognition software solutions to Starters’ baseball and softball players. “We are extremely excited about this opportunity,” said Ryan Schwartzman general manager of Starters.  “Pitch recognition can be difficult to teach.  During a game a player might get 2 to 4 plate appearances of … Read more

Tech Makes Baseball a Simple Game: You See the Ball, You Hit the Ball, You Got It?

Growing up on Long Island, about 25 miles east of New York City, Eugene Bleecker took 10 years of lessons at a local baseball camp. He went on to play college baseball, catching for four Division II, NAIA, and NJCAA schools over five years with what he calls “very old-school” mechanics. When he started his coaching career, Bleecker taught the same drills and preached the same philosophies that he had learned in his youth.