Occlusion vs Full View Pitch Recognition Training For Ballplayers


Everyday we get the emails…

“How can we pick up the change-up better”

Our answer:

1. Train to see it out of the hand w/ occlusion training.
2. Combine this with a post-up approach. (See the ball up.)
If it starts low, it’ll end low.

Think about it. Most of your swinging strikeouts are chasing balls in the dirt.

Why do you think that is?

There’s a hole in your approach and you’re not seeing the ball well.

Imagine if you were able to go back in time and replace all those at-bats with the right approach?

You saw the ball out of the pitcher’s hand and you were sitting on a mistake pitch left up in the zone.

I bet your hard hit contact percentage would fly through the roof.

That’s why you need to practice Pitch Recognition.

When you see the ball better. You achieve more hard-hit contact. PERIOD.

Check out this occlusion VS full version replay.

Why is it that when a hitter struggles, the first thing we do is try to change the swing, approach or bat? How often do we ask, “are you SEEING the ball effectively?”

If you’re not seeing the ball out of the pitcher’s hand, you’re shootin yourself in the foot. When you’re confident, you’re seeing the ball well.

Hitting is about confidence, so let’s make sure we have a plan to pick up the pitch effectively.

Take a peek at the occlusion training. Anticipate the pitch. Pick ball or strike, type of pitch THEN check to see if you’re right with the full version REPLAY.

?Measure your progress.
?Recognize elite fastball.
⚾️Practice adjusting to the Change-Up.
?Master SEEING the ball out of the pitcher’s hand.
?Stop guess hitting

Vision Skills: Two strike hitting practice. Harder than it looks. Easier when you train it.

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