Vision Skills: Two strike hitting practice. Harder than it looks. Easier when you train it.

If you’re lucky, you have access to the pitches you struggle with the most with two strikes on paper…

…and my gut says it’s the change-piece.

Don’t believe me? The next time you swing at a ball in the dirt, I want you to think about what I just said.

You struggle with the off-speed when behind in the count.

All hitters do.

This is why good pitching beats good hitting. Every time.

Does this doesn’t mean there’s no hope w/ two strikes?


There’s plenty of hope. You just need a plan.

Part of that plan is your pitch recognition skills, habits, and routines.

If you don’t have a plan, and your pitch recognition skills are underachieving, then, yeah, it’s hopeless. Good luck…you’re just another dressed-up out.

But you’re reading this for a reason, right?

You wanna be a better hitter.


That’s what we want too.

Do this now, it’ll help us help you.

Describe your hitting philosophy in one, simple sentence.

Reply and let us know.

What type of pitches do you struggle with picking up the most?

Based on our 1,000s of players training in the gS app, it’s the changeup.

You can train to recognize the change-up 24/7 at game speed
?Measure your progress.
?Recognize elite fastball.
⚾️Practice adjusting to the Change-Up.
?Master SEEING the ball out of the pitcher’s hand.
?Stop guess hitting

Vision Skills: Two strike hitting practice. Harder than it looks. Easier when you train it.

Watch this Fastball – Curveball pitch recognition practice sequence and see how you’d do.

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