How to Use gameSense

gS Video-Occlusion Method: Watch pitches that are cut off during ball flight; identify pitch TYPE and BALL/STRIKE.


Players select a pitcher and choose RHB or LHB view. Each pitcher has multiple Difficulty levels:

• Full-Pitch (into catcher’s mitt)

• Basic (one-third of ball flight)

• Advanced (6-8 feet of ball flight)

• Wicked (cut off at release)

Drills are 10 pitches long and take about 90 seconds. Pitches are in random order so drills can be repeated frequently.


• Off season or pre-season= once a day

• In season= 3 or 4 times per week

• Session= 6-8 video drills (10-12 minutes)

Players do gS sessions at the clubhouse or on players’ own laptop, iPhone, or iPad.