Real Video vs Virtual Reality

Real Video Virtual Reality Pitch Recognition is not a new concept, but its’ finally getting the attention it deserves. Hitters need pitch recognition.  Fortunately, pitch recognition is a skill you can develop.    So how do you develop pitch recognition?  You’ve got to see 1000s of pitches.  Technology like GameSense and Virtual Reality (VR) provide … Read more

Can ‘Athletic Intelligence’ Be Measured?

Teams in the NFL and other leagues believe performance on a tablet can predict success in the real game.  By Devin Gordon Sept. 2, 2020 34 Two N.F.L. draft prospects sat on a couch on the shaded patio outside a hotel room in St. Petersburg, Fla. They were waiting to take another test. They had only been … Read more

Three Must-Have Cognitive Skills for Fast-Paced Sports

Eric Rynston-Lobel, a young journalism student at Northwestern University recently published an interesting article, “Hitting a baseball is the hardest skill to pull off in sports. Here’s why,” in the magazine Popular Science. We asked our own, Leonard Zaichkowsky, PH.D., and gameSense Co-Founder and Director of Sport Science to add his insights on this topic. … Read more

Coach’s Corner: Coach Skul

I’m Coach Skul (pronounced School) and I’ve had a passion for baseball from the moment I came out of the womb.  Growing up, I played on 2 different teams in little league and summer baseball to get more experience.  I was a 3-year letterman at Arvada West High School, then played at Otero Junior College, … Read more

Coach’s Corner: Coach Gentile

Hello Softball family!    I’m Coach Gentile or Coach Courtney. I am a former Division 1 softball coach and I am the Softball Director and your Customer Success Specialist here at gameSense.    Like Coach P, who you met last week, I grew up with a bat and ball in my hands. In some capacity, … Read more

Coach’s Corner: Coach Plona

Hi guys! I’m Coach Plona, or Coach P. I have a background in Public Relations and Marketing, so I’m involved in a lot of writing, social media, and marketing efforts here at gameSense. I’ve always believed that my purpose in life is to inspire and empower the next generation, and I love that I can … Read more

Coach’s Corner: What do the experts say about playing and coaching?

Coach’s Corner #TipTuesday We stand behind the real-world, on-the-field application of our products just as much as we stand behind the science and technology used to develop them; so it is very important to us that real, experienced coaches and athletes play a part in the everyday operation of gameSense Sports.  We have former college … Read more