Why College and Travel Teams now Test Hitters’ Pitch Recognition

The gS SRTTM By Dr. Peter Fadde, Chief Science Officer, gameSense Sports A hitter’s statistics betray the symptoms of poor pitch recognition: strikeouts, low on-base percentage, and even groundouts (afterall, weakly putting the ball into play is a win for the pitcher, not the hitter!). There are also some hitters that appear asymptomatic. Their stats can be described … Read more

gameSense Sports Selected to Join Techstars SportsTech Melbourne

gameSense Sports is pleased to be part of the Inaugural Techstars SportsTech Accelerator class.  To read the full press release, visit: https://www.techstars.com/newsroom/the-techstars-sportstech-melbourne-accelerator-inaugural-class. To learn more about the SportsTech Accelerator Program visit: https://www.techstars.com/accelerators/sportstech-melbourne. The Techstars SportsTech Melbourne Accelerator Inaugural Class April 2, 2020 By Todd Deacon, Managing Director of Techstars SportsTech Melbourne Techstars SportsTech Melbourne Accelerator focuses on … Read more

Upside Chat: Len Zaichkowsky, World-Class’ Sports Biofeedback Expert

Listen to the Audio Interview This week we had the honor of chatting with Len Zaichkowsky, PhD, retired Professor from the Boston University, World-class’ sports biofeedback expert, and performance consultant who has worked with many elite pro teams (Vancouver Canucks (NHL), Real Madrid, National Spanish soccer team…) over the years. Listen to the audio interview … Read more

New Southern Illinois University research aims to help athletes and law enforcement

Researchers at SIU Carbondale have developed new technology to improve high-speed decision making skills. Dr. Peter Fadde created Video-Occlusion, an alternative form of virtual or augmented reality.The technology was originally developed for sports, but it can also be used to increase reaction times in many different professions, including law enforcement and medical fields. Read the … Read more

Minor Leaguers are competing against each other with gameSense: Sporttechie Exclusive

gameSense Offers Minor Leaguers Free Access to Pitch-IQ App By Joe LemireMay 1, 2020 Pitch recognition app gameSense is offering minor leaguers free access to its Pitch-IQ app during the Covid-19 lockdown. Seven MLB organizations have taken advantage of this Safe-At-Home program that began in April. The foundation for gameSense is 1970s-era research into anticipatory behavior based … Read more