Pitch Recognition Hitting Drills

2 Tee Hitting Drill

gameSense Hit Station

Output gameSense app from computer or iPad/iPhone to a TV or a video projector. Use the same gS pitcher, but choose

-Choose HitStation mode on Drill List.

-You get 10 pitches, straight through with Occluded pitch followed by Replay.

-No computer input.

-Choose a pitcher, then a goal: “Ahead in the count. Looking for your pitch, extra base hit.” Hitters see Occluded pitch and do ghost swing (or take), then see the replay.

-Hitters decide for themselves if they made good swing decision. DON’T call pitch type — trying to get away from that into Batters box think.

-Hitters can hit off of a tee if set up allows.

Net Occlusion Drill

Eyes Closed Tee Drill

Two Tee Drills

You need an overhang tee, like a Backspin tee. And a normal tee, even a Tanner low tee. You can set up any pitch combination. FB on the corner, SL off the corner. Hitter working on his own can visualize one of the gS pitchers (maybe even do a gS before going into cage). Or he can visualize a Big 10 pitcher he has seen before. Think about the combo pitches that pitcher uses to get chases (you said to reduce swing-and-miss — I’ll take that as reduce chase. Swing and miss in the zone is another issue).

This can be great with a coach or teammate teeing up the balls and making some sort of Verbal sound (or get a buzzer or something to hold in hand). The hitter triggers and starts swing, going for the FB. But if “slide” or “beep” sound, then needs to adjust mid-swing and get the other tee’d ball. This isn’t Pitch Recognition, it’s the swing adjustability back end. PR isn’t just for swing decision, but also for swing adjustment. Your hitters will really like that because you’re hitting a guy’s put-away pitch!