Absorb The Unexpected

It’s game day. You show up to the field.

Pregame B.P. Done.

Pre-Game Warm-Up. Done.

Go back to the clubhouse. Put on the game uniform.

Taped up. Tarred up. Swig some water, Gatorade…and finish whatever superstitious pregame routine you got, if you even have one.

Cleats are on. You’re good to go. Locked in…until…

…you’re in the dugout. You look over at the line-up.

You’re not hitting in the spot you normally hit in.

You’re not playing the position you normally play.

On top of that – the pitcher you thought you were facing, isn’t pitching. It’s a pitcher who pitches from the opposite side on the mound, and he throws harder but wilder.

Even the hitter’s eye is all jacked up. It’s maroon.

Who paints a hitter’s eye maroon? You’ve only hit in blue or dark green. WTF.

You have two options.

Get on your heels because things aren’t going according to plan…so you go into a shell, become unresponsive to your teammates and start worrying about what happens if you fail…

…or dig in, dig deep, build your team-mates up, see this as an opportunity instead of a problem and embrace the chaos.

Hitting…isn’t just about swinging a round bat at a round ball…

…it’s so much more.

It’s learning how to be a great competitor.

It’s about showcasing your composure.

When the game is on the line, or scouts are in the stands…you still compete with toughness and focus.

Even keel.

What’s the first step? It’s simple.

You realize the truth that you’ve known deep down this entire time.

It’s not about you.

It’s never been.

It never will be if what you want is to be a valuable part of any line-up.

How do you know you’re playing this game knowing it’s not about you?

You smile a little every time the coach gives you a hit and run or sac bunt because you know you’ll get it done.

You have the instinct to take a pitch ahead in the count when the runner gets a good jump to swipe a bag.

You turn a fly ball that drops in shallow right into a double.

You play solid defense when you’re struggling at the plate.

It seems like every game ends with a little dirt on your uni.

All in all. You’re a gamer.

Gamers don’t quit. Gamers don’t panic…

…and Gamers sure as hell don’t pout.

If you want to be a true gamer…absorb the unexpected.

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