How To Catch Up To HIGH HEAT

If you’re having trouble catching up to the fastball, ESPECIALLY the HIGH HEAT, it’s probably because of two things.

  1. You’re not starting your load early enough. – Often times a hitter runs into trouble when they get to the point of contact too late because the’y’ve initiated their speration and stride way to late.

  2. You have too much head movement – When the head moves the eyes moves. If you wanna make 90 mph look like 85mph, slow your feet and head down. If you wanna make 90 mph look like 95 mph…speed your feed up.

Here’s what you need to be thinking about.

How to recognize the curveball.

You spend hours in the cage making sure you’re driving the fastball with calmness, toughness, and focus.

You work on hitting for a little more pop.

You work on driving the ball to the opposite field.

You’re ready because you put in the work.

You’re confident because you feel prepared.

The game starts…


You’re facing a guy who pitches off of his breaking pitch.

He starts at-bats off with a curve-ball.

He throws one in a 2-0 count.

CORE SOFTBALL TRAINING: gameSense Improving Pitch Recognition

Pitch recognition is one of the hardest things to develop in players. The question is; how does gameSense make the process easier? Fadde explains how “the only way to develop pitch recognition is to see thousands of pitches. Chances to practice off real pitchers of equal or better quality are hard to come by. It’s …

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Baseball Pitch Backspin Can Play Tricks On Batters

Hitters have a lot to think about when they’re at the plate. Game situation, pitch count, pitcher tendencies and even the last few at-bats. Picking out the fast ball versus the off-speed pitch is hard enough but what if a pitcher could vary not only his speed and location but also the ball’s backspin? The visual illusion of the rising fastball depends on backspin to counteract gravitational forces during the trajectory to the plate. So, playing with different backspins would directly affect the vertical dimension of the ball flight.

Researchers at Japan’s Waseda University designed an experiment to mess with a group of pro, semi-pro and college hitters by asking them to hit pitches with varying backspins but constant speeds. Their research appeared in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics.

Righties vs Lefties – The Importance Of Handedness Training In Hitting

Most batters would prefer to face an opposite-hand (OH) pitcher, righty vs lefty and vice versa. With the dominance of right-handed pitchers in the game, the left-handed hitter comes to the plate with a built-in advantage. But what exactly is that advantage? What would happen if the pitcher population in the league was more balanced, righties to lefties? Two sets of researchers set out to dig a little deeper into this phenomenon of visual perception.