How to face a deceptive pitcher

Facing a guy who’s gangly, throws from the side, hides the ball well, varies their release points from one pitch to the next…

….they’re no fun.

The only thing you can really do is to try slowing the game down by slowing down your feet and quieting your head.

Easier said than done. Sure but here’s exactly how to do it.

1. Shorten the stride – Try a post-stride like Albert Pujols or a toe-tap like Derek Jeter. The point is to try and minimize the amount of moving parts so you can focus on the most important thing. Seeing the ball as well as possible. 

2. Keep the head on a swivel – How well we see the ball depends on how well the optic nerve in our “eye sockets” gather info for us to make a decision to swing or not. 

The better this process. The better the results.

Fortunately, it’s a muscle you can train.

The more your head moves, the more your eyes move. A quiet head gives you an effective visual performance.

Try this out the next time you face a deceptive pitcher who you’re having trouble getting comfortable in the box with.

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