Take the “IF” out of your swing.

Want to know the main difference between high school level pitching and college level pitching? A good Friday/Saturday starting pitcher is able to locate secondary pitches, consistently.

The difference between a college guy and a pro guy? A pro guy can locate secondary pitches and is able to pitch backwards. Meaning – the 2-0 fastball isn’t always a given. Neither is the 2-2 breaking ball pitch to contact. Heck – he may even start the 1st inning establishing the breaking ball 0-0 for the first three hitters of the game.

Now – what’s the difference between a pro guy and a big league guy? A big league guy can do all of the above, and for the MOST part, you’re only going to see one pitch per at-bat, that you can really handle. This is why being ready to hit is such an important factor and why most of the time when you miss your pitch or fail to make 100% solid contact, it has something to do with how locked in you are on that pitch.

Our man, Springer from Quality At-Bats breaks it down for us in this 30 seconds Instagram Post. If you’re missing pitches you should be driving or freezing on the fastball down the middle, we highly recommend you check this out. How to take the “IF” out of your swing.

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Take the “if” out of your swing. . #qualityatbats

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