Coach’s Corner: What do the experts say about playing and coaching?

Coach’s Corner #TipTuesday

We stand behind the real-world, on-the-field application of our products just as much as we stand behind the science and technology used to develop them; so it is very important to us that real, experienced coaches and athletes play a part in the everyday operation of gameSense Sports.  We have former college athletes as well as travel, high school, and college coaches on-staff with their hands on the product every day, working hard and providing input to make our apps the most efficient, valuable, and practical training tool available.  

The coaches on our staff have so many insights, we figured it was time to give them a platform to do what they do best – coach! So, welcome to “Coach’s Corner” – a new weekly installment in the gameSense world where we let our coaching experts take over a post on the ‘gram and drop some knowledge for our followers.