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  • GS is not a simulation of being in the box. It’s a training tool that is optimized to improve the important and difficult to practice skill of reading pitches. 
  • We film through the inner portion of each batter’s box.  The camera angle, lower than a batter’s head, emphasizes (or exaggerates) the north-south movement of pitches and the bottom of the zone — the two things most difficult for hitters to visualize.
  • We video record Pro/College pitchers in-game and the camera angles are the same as those used by MLB and College teams.
  • Performance statistics support the use of GS videos for testing and improving pitch recognition at all levels of competition.
  • Compared to other Video angles (side angle, high-home, centerfield), our angels are the only angle that show the shape of the pitch.
  • It is highly recommended to augment GameSense on computer or phone by standing in on pitchers in the bullpen (in the special way we teach stand-in so that it is for pitch reading and not pitch tracking) and doing our net-occlusion drills. 
  • To enable every hitter to adjust the view to their point-of-view in the box requires computer-generated pitcher and pitch — and we are committed to photo-realistic display because hitters pick up a lot of clues that can’t be reduced to mathematical equations (as in Virtual Reality).
GameSense is a different tool than Virtual Reality.  And they train different aspects of sports.  Learn More  HERE .

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GameSense requires a stable and strong internet connection or cellular signal. When connection is strong videos will play at High Definition.