Trent Mongero Shares Pitch Recognition Tip

So you wanna see the ball better, eh?

No, seriously…do you? I mean I know you signed up to the newsletter to train your pitch recognition but it’s early and a humpday sooo…just askin.

Yes? Okay sweet. We have just the thing for you.

Coach Trent Mongero @trentmongero (Founder of Winning Baseball & Dirt Bros) breaks down his process of seeing the ball as best as possible.

Coach Mongero is a true expert, loves teaching what he knows, always prepared to learn more…

…and seriously, it shows.

He has a growing Youtube Channel that you should definitely subscribe to as well.

In this video, he’s going to share strategies that professionals use to see the ball as early as possible.

You’ll learn about the importance of leveraging the soft focus & relaxation.

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