Help Us Test Serve-IQ...

Test your Serve recognition with Serve-IQ. The first training app that teaches you how to recognize serves faster and more accurately. Please join our BETA testing and try the basic app out now. 

We need your help improving Serve-IQ. Please sign up below to let us know what you think and if you can help us develop talent faster. 

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Benefits of The App Include:

● Science-Backed: just 15 minutes a day can improve performance by 20%
● 100x more efficient than learning on the court
● Complements existing training sessions and gives coaches a quantifiable
● Accessible and available 24/7
● Not dependent on weather, gear, illness, injury or team presence
● Quantify your strengths and weaknesses. Then focus while having fun and
get better!


gameSense Sports, a cognitive fitness program that transforms your game.  Out of the sports science lab into your hands, we use proven brain training science to teach cognitive skills that can accelerate your natural ability into an unfair advantage. Our program trains athlete anticipation by building invisible skills like serve and stroke recognition, split-second decision-making and fast reaction times.  

We meet athletes where they are and engage on their level to help them reach their peak. Using our app, players can get all the benefits of real-life reps while in the safety of their own homes – and have fun while using the app!