Safe at Home

Safe at Home

To our gameSense Sports family:

As I write this, stadiums sit vacant and playing fields stand empty. There are no crowds to cheer, and no teammates to high-five. And while not the most important absence in life we are currently experiencing, it is undeniable that sport brings us together. I miss it, and we know you miss it too.

We are living in an unprecedented time, and the truth is no one knows exactly how to handle it. The best we can do is continue to connect with the tools and technology we have available.

As athletes and coaches, we believe you can do good by playing well. The commitment you hold to your craft is a means of connection for the rest of us who cheer you on daily. We want to live out our mission to enhance athlete performance while supporting your goals and enabling you to continue training during this time.

For the month of April, gameSense Sports is offering free open access to our products, our tool to foster connection with athletes, coaches, and fans. In addition, we are donating $5 for each new subscriber to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund in support of those in need around us. We are hopeful this will make even a small difference during this crisis.

Until we are back on the field together, I hope you find yourself safe at home.

Take care,


Tom Pardikes, PhD., CEO


gameSense Sports


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