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gameSense Sports Referral Program terms

For a limited time, when you refer a friend to sign up for a gameSense Sports membership, you and your friend will each receive the equivalent of 2 months free in the form of a discount credited to you and your friend’s membership. In order to qualify, you must refer your friend using either our referral form on our app’s welcome screen or website, or if you received a referral email, you must follow the instructions in the email. Then your friend must sign up using the instructions in the referral email they receive. If either of these conditions are not met, we will be unable to credit either of you the referral discount.

Referral discounts are applied as credits to each billing period of a membership, and add up to two months free over the course of one calendar year. The discount will be applied to one billing period for annual memberships, and 3 billing periods for seasonal (4 month) memberships. If you or your friend cancel before the full two months free is earned, any remaining credit amount will be lost and no refund will be due.

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