Train Your Brain with Virtual Hitting
Reps on your Favorite Device

Train Anytime, Anywhere

No More Falling Behind Due to, Weather, Daylight, Illness, or Injury.

Whether your sport is baseball or fastpitch softball, you can use our products to get better – guaranteed!

1) Test your ability to recognize pitches with our: Standardized Recognition Test (SRT™).

2) Train and take customized drills (unlimited virtual reps) to improve with our: Pitch-IQ™ or FastPitch-IQ™ apps.

Created by our world-renowned experts and proven results for countless players, for the first time fast, reflexive decisions such as Pitch Recognition is measured. 

If you can measure it, you can improve it.We have created exclusive standardized tests that actually measure and score a hitter’s ability to recognize Baseball and Softball pitches (aka Pitch Recognition, PR)

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What’s the process?

1) Baseline Test: Hitters take an assessment (SRT) to establish their baseline PR score and skill level. Hitters see how they compare to other hitters across skill levels and ages.

2) Drills & Training: Then, to improve players use our fun interactive our training app (Pitch-IQ or FastPitch-IQ) – to work on their skills and areas of weakness.

3) Re-test: Take a re-test (SRT) to see how much you’ve improved players After training, hitters will continue to retest and see how their pitch recognition skills improve.

gameSense Pitch Recognition Training

It’s the other half (the missing half) of the answer to next level hitting. Technologies for tracking the mechanical movement of bat, ball, and body have transformed the training athletes in baseball, softball, tennis, golf, and many other sports. What about the other half of the equation…your brain?

Now, add brain to the dimensions of performance that can be measured and improved in a loop of feedback and adjustment. Based on science and proven over and over, we can make the process of performance visible… and therefore trainable.

Once you learn your weakness from our SRT — you can attack those areas and radically improve with Pitch-IQ or FastPitch-IQ And, best of all, athletes who seem maxed-out on training can do more and better training without the need of balls, bats, teammates, or playing fields, and without wear and tear on their bodies.