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Greetings from NFCA 2020!

We’re happy to have met you at NFCA 2020! Thank you for visiting our booth. Here you can view our Fastpitch-IQ Resource Center to learn more about what pitch recognition training can do for you. 

Score More Runs

How does 48% more runs sound? In a season to season comparison, SEMO scored 48% more runs after implementing gameSense Pitch Recognition Training into their offensive strategy. Confident hitters do damage, and pitch recognition training creates confident hitters who know what’s coming at them. Are you ready for your team to step into that box with confidence, to swing at the right pitches, and to ultimately score more runs?

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For a limited time only, get a free-trial month of TOTAL access – including 1 SRT per hitter – for your Team just by completing a 15-minute call with a gameSense Sports sales representative. There is no commitment pressure on this call, simply an opportunity to learn further information about gameSense technology and how it will benefit your program. Once you finish the call, your free-trial access information will be sent to you. And if you are ready to commit to training your team’s pitch recognition instinct, this appointment will also unlock access to Special NFCA Show Pricing that includes a discounted rate for up to 3 years only available through January 1!    

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Start Your 30 Day
Free-Trial Now!

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Pandemic Proof Training

Teach pitch recognition to your hitters using the scientifically validated method of “visual occlusion." Your hitters can train on live video from a large library of pitchers right on their phones or a big screen TV, and you can assign drills and track their progress virtually through the Coach's Portal on your app. This is safe, socially distanced training available at the most optimal time.

Success Stories

Mizzou Softball

“A lot of times we spend a lot of our efforts on mechanics and approaches and forget about the visual part, and this is one way that is very beneficial.” 

– Chris Malveaux, Associate Head Coach

Texas State Softball

“We were swinging the bats with a little more authority, and I think that comes from being a little more confident when you get in the box. We had a player leading the Sun Belt in home runs…and so I think our power numbers were already increasing and I think some of that is credit to this.” 

– Ricci Woodard, Head Coach

Softball Australia

“We invested in gameSense and we saw significant
improvements in our hitting at the National Championships after using it so it
is a fantastic piece of technology for us.” 

– Leigh Godfrey, Softball Australia Captain

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