The next generation of talent needs a new way to train. Until now, improving your game has boiled down to two things: training sessions and competition. Both come with severe limitations: time intensive, team/coach dependent, weather dependent, injury/illness permitting, and costly. Most importantly, they focus exclusively on hard skills. We’re here to improve the elements of a player’s game that have been neglected. These cognitive skills, like pitch recognition and fast-reaction times, are key to success. We’re here to help players master these invisible skills… and do it in their own time. This is the future of training.


Founded by researchers, coaches and players with a love for sports and teaching. We are a science-based athlete performance company developing the next generation of decision-making tools. We believe coaches and their teams can transform their game by adopting our fun, scientifically proven and cutting-edge technology. Every player around the globe can achieve their dreams with our products; developing high-speed in-game reaction skills, more efficiently than ever before. It’s time to rethink the way we train.


Reinvent training by making cognitive training as universal as physical training


We’re on a mission to Train Your Instinct. 
We take athletes to peak performance by building invisible skills with cognitive drills.


HIT A GRAND SLAM – Deliver the very best work we can.   Strive to be our best in all that we do.  Ask how we can evolve and expand our technologies to make an impact in the lives of others.
BE A ROLE MODEL – Do what is right always. Be honest. Be real. Hold ourselves to the highest standards. Never make excuses.
SERVE & VOLLEY – Be the best together. Pull our own weight. Over communicate and collaborate with our teammates, customers and partners.  Respect where each person comes from. Work hard, play hard. Challenge each other. Learn from failures. Find win-wins. Do good, give back and pay it forward.
FIRE IN THE BELLY – Embrace the unknown. Ask questions.  Yearn for knowledge and growth. Question the status quo.  Give – to each other, the community and to sports.



Tom Pardikes
Co-founder & CEO

Tom is the CEO and Co-founder of GameSense Sports.  For the past decade, Tom has been designing and building sports related technologies. He helped build several sport technology companies serving as Director of Product Development for Cyton8 Sports and NeuroSport Performance. He was Director of Sports Science and Performance at Elite Sports Services as well. He has helped develop multiple devices and software designed to test and train high speed decision-making, situational decision-making, attention and autonomic control. Tom played college football at Humboldt State University.  Following college, Tom was invited to play and later coach in the European football leagues. When Tom isn’t chasing around a very active 3-year old he enjoys playing music, gardening, biking, hiking and snowboarding.

Peter Fadde
Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Peter is professor and director of the Learning Systems Design and Technology (LSDT) graduate program at Southern Illinois University.   Peter originated the Expertise-Based Training (XBT) method that has been used to train expert situation awareness in domains ranging from sports to firefighting to classroom teaching. He has presented XBT research at the Inter Agency  Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), including the 2010 I/ITSEC education division paper-of-the-year. He has developed patented computer software for baseball/softball pitch recognition and tennis stroke recognition and was named SIU’s Innovator-of-the-Year in 2013.



COO & Corporate Development

David originally trained as an engineer and started his first business at the age of 25.  The business bug bit him and he ended up founding successful businesses in consulting engineering, e-commerce and publishing.  His fourth business was a e-marketplace dot-com (‘nuf said) and while not successful, oddly it was the most fun. He has run businesses for other entities and purchased an IT MSP business which he sold two years ago.   He has a successful track record of M&A, developing relationships and partnerships. He has a passion for technology, operational efficiency and business development. David is also an active startup investor and advisor.  When not asking a lot of questions, you can find him reading, playing tennis, skiing, hiking or playing golf.

Co-Founder and Director of Sport Science

Dr. Zaichkowsky is a widely known sport and performance scientist whose specialty is the psychophysiology of human performance. For 37 years, he was a professor at Boston University with a joint appointment in the School of Education and School of Medicine.

He has published 6 books and more than 100 scientific papers on sport psychology, sport science, biofeedback, and research methods and made more than 300 presentations world-wide. Currently, Len is a science consultant for a number of sport, medical, military, and business organizations. Dr. Zaichkowsky is a licensed psychologist, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (APA), and 2016 recipient of APA’s award for “Distinguished Contributions to Professional Practice”. He is a past-president and Fellow of the Association for Applied Sport  Psychology (1997-99), a former member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, and currently section editor on psychology for the International Journal of Health & Sport Science. Len has consulted with U.S., Canadian, and Australian Olympic organizations, Major League Baseball, NBA, NFL, NHL, Spanish World Cup Soccer, Real Madrid, and numerous other elite sport organizations.


Brad Bernthal is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Law School and the Director of the Entrepreneurship Initiative at Silicon Flatirons. Professor Bernthal specializes in startups, entrepreneurial law, and early stage finance (such as angel investment and venture capital). His current research studies finance instruments used in startup investment. Prior to that, Brad studied investment accelerators, providing legal scholarship’s first work on the topic. Professor Bernthal leads the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic at Colorado Law, which provides legal help to about 20 startups each year.

Prior to joining the Colorado Law faculty, Professor Bernthal served as the Silicon Flatirons Fellow for 2005-2007. He started his legal career in San Francisco with Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison LLP, then moved to Hogan & Hartson, LLP’s Denver office, and finally worked for the Boulder law firm of Berg, Hill, Greenleaf and Ruscitti LLP. Prior to law school, Professor Bernthal taught English to elementary age students in Korea and conducted legislative research as a staff assistant to United States Senator Robert Kerrey. Professor Bernthal is a TechStars mentor, tennis enthusiast, and laughably serious youth sports volunteer coach.