If you can Measure it, you can Improve it

Official gameSense Recognition Tests

If you can measure it, you can improve it. Technologies for tracking the movement of bat (Blast Motion), ball (Rapsodo, TrackMan), and body (K-Vest) have transformed the training of elite athletes in baseball, softball, tennis, golf, and many other sports. Now, add brain to the dimensions of performance that can be measured and improved in a loop of feedback and adjustment. gameSense joins these other game-changing technologies that make the process of performance visible … and therefore trainable.

gameSense uses the same technologies for both testing and training. So athletes move easily from revealing a weakness to attacking the weakness — the most important sign of a serious athlete. And, best of all, athletes who would seem maxed out on training can do more and better training without the need of balls or bats or teammates or playing fields, and without wear and tear on their bodies.

For the first time outside a sports science lab, fast, reflexive decisions can be assessed.   gameSense has created standardized tests that can actually measure a hitter’s ability to recognize Baseball and Softball pitches. Hitters will first get their baseline score and establish their current pitch recognition skills. Hitters can see how they compare to other hitters across skill levels. After training, hitters will continue to retest and see how their pitch recognition skills improve.