Coach’s Corner: Coach Plona

Hi guys! I’m Coach Plona, or Coach P. I have a background in Public Relations and Marketing, so I’m involved in a lot of writing, social media, and marketing efforts here at gameSense. I’ve always believed that my purpose in life is to inspire and empower the next generation, and I love that I can do that here at gameSense just as I aspire to do on the field with my athletes.

Like many of you, I fell in love instantaneously with the ball-and-bat sports the second my dad put a whiffle bat in my tiny hands. I grew up playing softball, and I ended up playing every position – except for catcher – on the field in a game at some point in my playing career. My main positions were the infield corners, and first base was my specialty and the position where I earned all my travel and high school accolades. Though I had opportunities, I chose for personal reasons to not play at the collegiate level.

My love for the game grew in my absence from playing through coaching. I started out volunteering with youth teams, but quickly became obsessed with the strategy and mechanics of the game, as well as the mentorship aspect of working with young athletes. Today I am humbled to say I have coached at all levels of the game: youth, travel, junior varsity and varsity high school, NJCAA, and NCAA. Through lots of hard work, willingness to learn, and incredible mentors, I discovered my passion and was able to achieve my dream of coaching as an actual, full-time career.

I’m excited to be a part of the gameSense family and truly believe in the effectiveness of this Pitch Recognition training technology. Look for more posts from me in future weeks – can’t wait to talk drills, mental training, game approach, and more with you all!