Baseball & Fastpitch Softball Reaction Time

Working on pitch recognition skills?

Training your brain to recognize pitches faster increases reaction time

 gS Pitch-IQ™ and  Fastpitch-IQ™ is the revolutionary tool for training pitch recognition. Pitch recognition is essential to being successful at the plate.

Baseball and fastpitch softball players must make split second decisions and actions constantly. How will a grounder hop? Where is that fly ball going to end up? And perhaps the most challenging of all, where and when is that pitch going to be in a location so I can hit it? A baseball batter typically has less than a half a second to not only decide to swing (more appropriately, decide not to swing) but actually put the barrel of the bat in the exact place and at the right time to hit it.

Hitting a baseball or softball is one of the most difficult things to do in sports. Theoretically, it’s almost impossible to hit a small ball out of the air with a stick as it whizzes through the atmosphere. Yet, some not only hit the ball, they do it with surprising frequency and effectiveness. Those are the expert batters, batters that have seen tens of thousands of pitches. They have trained their brains to pick up on the cues a pitcher gives and the cues a ball displays as it careens towards the batter.

Surprisingly, these expert batters do not have any supernatural quickness or reaction speed. Their general reaction speed is no better than somebody off the street with no baseball or softball experience.

What they have is an outstanding ability to recognize key factors that a pitcher and a pitch give away at the beginning of the pitch. They have an outstanding ability to non-consciously draw from their mental library of pitches and match what they see out of hand with what they anticipate at the plate.

gS Pitch-IQ™ & FastPitch-IQ are online and mobile apps that train baseball hitters by using the science of occlusion

We often emphasize the wrong things in baseball and fastpitch training. Exit velocity has become a primary metric of success and potential. But exit velocity means little if you strike out half the time. The key to a healthy exit velocity is seeing pitches you know you can really square up on. In order to increase bat speed you have to know what’s coming. Getting fooled but swinging very hard is still an out or strike.  

Improving your reaction time in baseball and softball hitting is not only about physical quickness and speed. The quickest way to improve your reaction time in baseball and fastpitch softball hitting is to improve your pitch recognition. A batter or fielder gets quicker by becoming an expert in anticipating the outcomes. Improving your reaction time depends on teaching your brain.