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Working on pitch recognition skills?

Improve Hitting by Training the Brain

You already train your swing, your arm and your feet. But are you training your brain? gS Pitch-IQ™ and  Fastpitch-IQ™ is the revolutionary tool for training pitch recognition. Pitch recognition is essential to being successful at the plate.

Hitting aids and training techniques are as common as apple pie. You can find bats, tees and advice up the wazoo that claim to improve hitting. But, there are a lot of gimmicks out there and often it’s tough to wade through the worthless and the worthy. Technology has dramatically changed how we train, for good and bad. Nowadays, tees drills and soft toss are combined with accelerometer readings and simulated ball flight.  All cool and important to success but not all are the best ways to train hitters. There is a vast area of hitter training aids that have been overlooked. Ironically, it’s one of the most important aspects of hitting. 

gS Pitch-IQ™ & gS fastPitch-IQ are online and mobile apps that train hitters by using the science of occlusion

Pitch recognition is one of the most important but overlooked areas of hitting. If a hitter can’t recognize what type of pitch it is and where it’s going to end up, the batter is facing an uphill battle. Traditionally, the only way to really train pitch recognition was to see live quality pitching. And a bunch of it; this is a skill that takes time to develop. It’s no secret that generally older, more experienced hitters anticipate type and location of pitches better than younger hitters do. They have put in the work to become experts.    

There are many training aids out there that claim to help pith recognition, but few really do. Swinging when you see a green ball and taking when you see a red ball is not really pitch recognition. gS Baseball-IQ™ and Fastpitch-IQ™ training aids allows us to test and train how you see the ball from a purely hitting perspective. Hitting is more than just swinging a bat. You need to train your brain.

If you are not working on your pitch recognition, you are missing a major portion of what it takes to be a good hitter, especially at advanced levels. Pitch recognition drills, software and technology train your brain to recognize the type and location of a pitch faster and more accurately. gameSense Sports Pitch-IQ™ enables a batter to improve their pitch recognition while riding on the bus, sitting on the couch or the hitting off the tee. Pitch-IQ™ and Fastpitch-IQ™ is a training app/software for iOS and the web. Pitch-IQ™ and Fastpitch-IQ™ are some of the best baseball and softball hitter training aids available. But, Pitch-IQ™ and Fastpitch-IQ™ are the best training aids for pitch recognition.

gS Pitch-IQ™ and Fastpitch-IQ™ are more than just technology. You can train pitch recognition is many ways, on and off the diamond.

Listen to gameSense Sports Advisor Jerry Weinstein explain our 2 net or bar drill for pitch recognition.