Baseball & Fastpitch Softball Eye Training Exercises

Don’t just train your eyes, train your brain

gS trains the eyes and the brain to make faster decisions. gS is scientifically validated, easily accessible and affordable.

Vision exercises and training for athletes has long been practiced. Everything from Brock strings to numbers marked on spinning discs to colored balls. Fastpitch softball and baseball eye training drills have now made the jump to laptop software and mobile apps for phones and tablets. It makes sense; athletes require visual information to do something. Eyes are very important in sports where balls are flying around. To hit a ball, or track a fly ball, you have to see it. The better you see it, the better your chances of success.  

But are eyes really the most important part of making accurate decisions?

There have been plenty of inquiries into the importance of eyesight and sports, especially baseball and softball. Baseball and softball players have to have decent vision or at least corrective vision. Seeing and hitting a tiny ball requires good eyesight from the start. Young baseball and softball players without good eyesight or corrective vision have less chance of success. Less success decreases the likelihood of continued development.

Good eyesight is essential to success in baseball and softball. But how much do eye exercises really contribute? This is a tough question. No doubt, it doesn’t hurt to train your eyes in skills like accommodation, visual acuity, peripheral vision, dynamic acuity and eye-hand coordination but the eyes are only the gateway. Ultimately, vision and actions happen in the brain. It is the perceptual-cognitive link that is most important: An athlete’s ability to process and act on the visual information quickly. 

 gS Pitch-IQ™ and  Fastpitch-IQ™ is the revolutionary tool for training pitch recognition.

Hitting is a prime example of quick visual perception and action. Theoretically, it should be impossible to hit a ninety mile fastball or a curveball that falls off the table. The difficulty of the task is of course expressed in the dismal success ratios of batters. We consider a batter good if they fail 70% of the time. Yet hitters do succeed sometimes. And the good ones do it with some form of consistency.

How can they perform this incredibly difficult task? Hint, it’s not the eyes making the seemingly impossible possible. The eyes are only the pathway to the brain. It’s the brain that is calculating the information taken in from the eyes and meshing it with movement to hit a ball.

Train your eyes but more importantly, train your brain.

gS Pitch-IQ and Fastpitch-IQ give hitters the opportunity to train both. gS is the a proven sports vision training software for baseball and fastpitch softball hitters. Batters see real pitches from real pitchers and try to predict pitch type and location before the ball completes its flight to the catcher. We use decades of science to help batter’s see and react to pitches faster.  

Pitch recognition is essential to being successful at the plate