Pitch Recognition Hitting Drills 2 Tee Hitting Drill gameSense Hit Station Output gameSense app from computer or iPad/iPhone to a TV or a video projector. Use the same gS pitcher, but choose -Choose HitStation mode on Drill List. -You get 10 pitches, straight through with Occluded pitch followed by Replay. -No computer input. -Choose a … Read more

How to Use gameSense

gS Video-Occlusion Method: Watch pitches that are cut off during ball flight; identify pitch TYPE and BALL/STRIKE. DRILLS Players select a pitcher and choose RHB or LHB view. Each pitcher has multiple Difficulty levels: • Full-Pitch (into catcher’s mitt) • Basic (one-third of ball flight) • Advanced (6-8 feet of ball flight) • Wicked (cut … Read more