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Greetings from ABCA 2021!

Score More Runs

How does 48% more runs sound? In a season to season comparison, SEMO scored 48% more runs after implementing gameSense Pitch Recognition Training into their offensive strategy. Confident hitters do damage, and pitch recognition training creates confident hitters who know what’s coming at them. Are you ready for your team to step into that box with confidence, to swing at the right pitches, and to ultimately score more runs? 

Free 30-Day Pitch Recognition Program & Virtual Tournament — Win a Free Subscription!

We are confident in our value, and we want you to see it for yourselves. Sign up through the registration link and start your 30-Day Pitch Recognition Program for your team entirely for free. Once registered, we’ll walk you through a 4-Week Program that highlights the best uses of the gameSense Pitch-IQ app. 

Registrants will also be able to compete (virtually) against other teams from around the country – while improving their Pitch Recognition skills!   Plus, the Leaderboard winner will be awarded a gameSense Team subscription for a year (a $2500 value)!    

Pandemic Pricing

We know COVID hit budgets hard, and we also know you’re going to want to make gameSense Pitch-IQ a part of your program. So for ABCA attendees, we’re slashing our prices. If you decide to buy during your 30-Day Program, we’ll extend to you an ABCA Show Special that guarantees a first-year price of only $500.  

All registrations must be completed by the end of ABCA Virtual Convention to take advantage of this incredible offer. Click the “Register Now” button to the right to get started today!

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Pandemic Proof Training

Teach pitch recognition to your hitters using the scientifically validated method of “visual occlusion." Your hitters can train on live video from a large library of pitchers right on their phones or a big screen TV, and you can assign drills and track their progress virtually through the Coach's Portal on your app. This is safe, socially distanced training available at the most optimal time.

Success Stories

Rijo Athletics

“If you’re not working on some sort of pitch recognition, some sort of reactive principle, you’re not going to become a better hitter.” 

– Troy Silva, Coach

Mizzou Baseball

“We’re trying to produce selectively aggressive hitters. This fall Mizzou hitters have completed over 2,200 gameSense drills and putting that into perspective, that’s almost over 7,500 video occlusion ABs that they’re taking over the fall period.” 

– Steve Bieser, Head Coach

Coach Baseball Right

“What you’ve done here is really taken regular information or data and given the regular guy, the regular player and coach, a way to actually practice it. ” 

– Steve Nicollerat, Educator, Coach, and Founder

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Team view by player Standard Recognition Test scores and average
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Measure your team’s improvement using the Standardized Recognition Test (SRT) for hitters

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